(c) 2009, Timothy P. Bete and Cap'n Billy "The Butcher" MacDougall

Nursery rhymes for pirate bedtimes

Rock-A-Bye Pirate (Rock-A-Bye Baby)
Rock-a-bye pirate,
In the crow’s nest,
Down in the bilge,
The rats they infest.
When the wind howls,
You’ll fall from your height,
And land on the captain,
To our delight.

Sleeping Pirate (Georgie Porgie)
Sleeping pirate, shiny glass eye,
Dreamt that he was Captain Bligh.
When he woke and sat up straight,
Sad, sad pirate was just first mate.

Hush, Little Pirate (Hush, Little Baby)
Hush, little pirate, don’t say a word.
Captain’s gonna buy you a cutlass sword.
And if that cutlass sword won’t slice,
Captain’s gonna give you a rope to splice.
And if that hemp rope gets all frayed,
Captain’ll take you on a pirate raid.
And if that pirate raid is foiled,
Captain’s gonna give you cod-liver oil.
And if that oil makes you upchuck,
Captain’s gonna let the crew run amok.
And when you run, if you fall down,
Don’t go overboard or you’ll drown.

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