(c) 2008, Timothy P. Bete and Cap'n Billy "The Butcher" MacDougall

Nursery rhymes about pirate food

First Mate Larry (Mary Mary Quite Contrary)
First mate Larry, big and hairy,
How does your belly grow?
With salted cod and pickled scrod,
And spicy squid-baked dough.

Cut-Throat Joe (Jack and Jill)
Cut-throat Joe went down below,
To fetch a piece of hardtack,
Joe fell down and almost drown’d,
The hold was fi lled with water.

Up swam Joe and bail’d the hole,
As fast as he could manage,
Patched the hull with pris’ners’ skulls,
And then went back to dinner.

Bloody Jack Fredrick (Little Jack Horner)
Bloody Jack Fredrick sat on the poop deck,
Eating a bilge rat pie.
He took a great bite, then said with delight,
“Tis moldy I can’t deny!”

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